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Orchard has been designed with the guest experience as its guiding principle. From the moment guests come through the front door they begin a journey through several cohesive spaces intended to cascade into one another as their visit progresses. One of the most important elements of Orchard Restaurant is the thoughtful layout of the space itself. Located in the base of Calgary’s preeminent luxury apartment building, SODO, the restaurant was built from scratch to serve a discerning and well-traveled clientele seeking a truly immersive dining experience. The intimate setting lends itself to private events, including celebrations, weddings, and corporate events.

The open layout results in optimal seating from all corners of the restaurant, allowing speakers and feature guests to be visible from any angle. The main room features towering 24-foot ceilings divided by an elegant wooden back bar, decorated with bottles, glowing lights, and greenery. This division enables the space to be both sectioned off for smaller parties while providing separate entrances in the event that one function needs to happen during regular service.

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